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The Quahog Pearl

Considered by many experts to be the most uncommon of all wild pearls, the rarity of the quahog pearl is only matched by it's originality and beauty. Dating back thousands of years, quahog pearls served as a symbol for the pinnacle of wealth and power in a number of cultures, and today as one of the most coveted pearls in the jewelry world.

The quahog pearl is different from mainstream pearls in its unique appearance, composition, and color range. Composed of Calcite and Aragonite crystals, and white, lavender, purple, or mahogany in color, the quahog pearl stands out against the rest of the market as a beautiful, exotic pearl that does not play by the rules. 

Each one of these pearls has it's own unique story and significance. It is estimated only one in every million quahogs produces a pearl, with a small fraction of those being of gem quality. And while quahogs can be found from Canada to Mexico, the vast majority of fine quahog pearls occur in a small area, nestled between the Hamptons, NY, and Boston, MA. Quahog pearls also grow far slower than other types of pearls, with some taking over 25 years to grow. 


Every one of our pearls have beat these odds, and are now ready to live out the rest of their incredible story through you. 


For years we have searched far and wide to bring you nature's rarest treasure, a pearl with that writes it's own narrative, a pearl that is as original as you are. The quahog pearl. 

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