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A lifetime love of the quahog 

Growing up in the coastal town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, our founder Brendan Breen has had a lifetime love and fascination for the quahog. Starting at the age of 13, Brendan began his first business digging quahogs, and selling them to seafood restaurants in the Boston area. As he grew, his small business grew too, and soon he was managing a small team of quahog diggers, harvesting thousands of clams a day. 

Even after harvesting hundreds of thousands of quahogs by hand, Brendan and his team never found a single pearl. He was aware of the quahog pearl's unique beauty and rarity, and became obsessed with finding one of these coveted gems. This pursuit led Brendan to make it his life's mission to hunt down these exotic pearls, and crack the code to culturing them. 

Brendan continued his journey into college, where he studied aquaculture, focusing on the biology of the quahog. During this time, Brendan also became a CPAA certified pearl specialist. As his understanding of the quahog grew, he developed a unique method to culture pearls in quahogs, and other similar clams.


After two years of research, Brendan was successful in creating the world's first cultured quahog pearl, and has since patented his method. Our cultured quahog pearls are projected to reach the market in the coming years.


Simultaneously, during this time Brendan began traveling the country to purchase every wild quahog pearl he could find. Flash forward to today, after years of relentless hunting and travel, we are proud to offer you the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of wild quahog pearls, all of which are validated through our proprietary, 260 point grading and pricing scale. 


We launched our first line of wild quahog pearls in August of 2020, a collection that was carefully selected to fully represented the beautiful range of colors that can be found in quahog pearls. We now work with top designers and collectors around the world supplying our quahog pearls, as well as doing custom design work for high jewelry with quahog shell (wampum, MOP). 


August also marked the launch of our line of wampum jewelry displaying the full range of beauty found within the quahog shell, set in fine silver. All materials are harvested sustainably by local fisherman, and crafted to order by local artisans.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quahog pearls either as loose pearls, or through custom pieces that make our pearls wearable, and bring our client's visions to life.


"I hope when you see our pearls, you feel the same passion I felt when I first saw them. Because I think all of life's best moments stem from trusting yourself to act on that feeling."

                                    - Brendan Breen, Founder

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