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How do I place an order? What is the procedure for special orders?

All loose pearls and jewelry items can be purchased directly from our site. To have loose pearls custom set into mountings, jewelry, or anything you can imagine, please email and a talented member of our design team will get in touch with you promptly to discuss and quote out the finished piece. 

Please also reach out to with any special requests. We appreciate your interest in our pieces, and will gladly work with you to provide a solution. 

Can I schedule a private showing? 

Absolutely. We love bringing our pearls to our clients, and sharing their story and beauty with them. We will travel anywhere in the world to meet our clients with consideration to current events. 


If interested in scheduling a private showing, please email to arrange the meeting and discuss our policy. 

Shipping Anchor


All domestic orders receive free shipping. Additional shipping costs for international orders may situationally apply.  Loose pearls are shipped within 3 days of purchase, and are sent to you utilizing secure, discrete packaging. Mounted pearls and custom pieces are manufactured and mailed with a timeline provided by our design team. All wampum jewelry is made to order by our artisans, and shipped within a week of purchase. 

Returns & refunds

We accept returns of items in their original condition within 7 days of delivery for a full refund. Please note that this applies to loose pearls and wampum jewelry, as all sales of mounted/custom pieces are final. Please choose carefully and understand that each piece of pearl jewelry we manufacture is one of a kind, custom piece requiring our designer's resources and studio time.  

To return an item, please email within 7 days of delivery, with "Return" in the subject line. We will gladly work with you on an individual basis to ensure you receive your refund. 

What considerations should I take when manufacturing my pearl? 

Due to the unique crystalline structure of quahog pearls, we do not recommend drilling them. While it can be done, the shingle-like arrangement of calcite and aragonite crystals that make up the quahog pearl on a microscopic level can potentially lead to cracking when drilled. We advise to treat your quahog pearl like a diamond, and cater towards setting methods such as clamping, caging, netting, posting, and bezeling. Jewelry glue can be used as well, with considerations to it's permanence and capabilities.

What is the best way to take care of my pearls?

Luckily, one of the best ways you can care for your pearls is wearing them! Routine exposure to the moisture in the air helps the pearls maintain their integrity and coloration. With this being said, we recommend also:

- Avoid having the pearls in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

- Put on your pearls last; avoid getting makeup, hairspray, or nail polish remover on the pearl. 

- Be careful not to knock pearls against hard surfaces. 

- Clean with warm water and a soft bristled brush, use a small amount of 100% ivory soap if need be. 

- Store in a secure, dark place with access to air circulation. 

What considerations should I have when looking at the surface of my pearl?

Unlike conventional nacreous pearls, quahog pearls have a polished, porcelain-like finish. Given the circumstances surrounding the discovery of quahog pearls, as well as their crystalline structure, it is not uncommon to find lines (hairline fractures) on a quahog pearl upon close scrutiny. These lines are generally negligible, and easily hidden when set in jewelry. We ensure the majority of our pearls do not have any notable lines across their forward facing sides, and always mention in the description if lines are present. 

Any other questions or inquiries, please email

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