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Available as loose pearls, mounted, or in a custom design, we pride ourselves on making the world's rarest pearl available and wearable, while offering a variety that displays the quahog pearl's full range of beauty, allowing you to pick the pearl that speaks to you most.

All of our pearls bear their own Mercenaria Certification Code. Our proprietary 260 point scale is the first of it's kind, and is only administered by Mercenaria Pearl. Our scale is built around the standards and requirements that make the quahog pearl unique from other pearls, allowing us to accurately grade and price our pearls. 

Have a design idea of your own? We would love to work with you. From simple settings to one-off pieces of fine jewelry, our designers are well equipped to work with the unique quahog pearl, and bring your vision to reality. 

To view a full catalog of pearls available, please contact us at: 

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